Valuing FTTN FTTP - Aster plot - multidimensional and weighted

Creating a visualisation of FTTN vs FTTP, using an Aster Plot.
Strengths: An Aster plot is multi-dimensional like a radar plot, but can assign a weighting to dimensions.
Weakness: An Aster plot can only show one Value target at a time. Perhaps I can overlay with photoshop…
Update: below I placed two Aster plots side by side, using iframes inside an html table…

Data: (Author’s rating of FTTN FTTP value dimensions)

Content at:

To amend the data, and play with the Aster Chart, you need the following files:
Download the files at:
style.css |
Data: aster_dataFTTN.csv | aster_dataFTTP.csv
Javascript: drawFTTN.js | drawFTTP.js
Html: indexFTTN.html | indexFTTP.html
Table to draw together two html files into a table with iframe: valueFlower.html (html in this page; View Source)

Discussed at:; Rating of value dimensions in Table 1.
Aster diagram; multidimensional, dimensions vary in weight; scores 0 (Max.) - 100 (Min.)
Following a reviewer’s comment^^, the scale is now revised to: scores 0 (Min) - 100 (Max). Items starred(^^) below now reversed.